When is a building permit required?

1. Construction of any building or other structure with a total construction cost in excess of $100.00.
2. Construction of an addition to any building or structure.
3. Demolition of a building or structure.
4. A change in the occupancy of a building that effects fire egress and exit requirements or other occupancy restrictions.
5. The installation or alteration of any equipment regulated by this code.
6. Any change to a roof line, e.g. from a flat roof to a gabled or hip roof also normal shingle replacement.

Electrical permits, plumbing permits and mechanical permits are considered separately.
A building permit is NOT required for any building maintenance, such as siding, painting, replacement of doors and windows in existing openings. UNLESS, it would cause a change in occupancy requirements or affect required fire egress and exits etc.

What is the procedure for Permit Application?

1. Fill out the Application for Building Permit and Plan Review, providing all information required for the project. For one and two family dwellings the applicant must also complete the One & Two Family Plan Review form, also must show compliance with Illinois Energy Conservation Code by submission of Compliance Certificates generated by the U.S. Department of Energy’s REScheck code compliance tool; or The seal of an Illinois licensed architect/engineer as required by section 14 of the Illinois Architecture Practice Act, Section 12 of the Structural Engineering Licensing Act and Section 14 of the Illinois Professional Engineering Practice Act.
• For structures to be constructed within a subdivision, the applicant should be aware of any restrictive covenants that may apply. Generally, covenants are recorded at the Office of the County Clerk.
2. Any application submitted for the construction of a building or structure to be used by the public MUST include a set of plans for such on which an architect or structural engineer licensed by the State of Illinois to perform such work has signed and affixed his seal thereon.
3. The site plan must indicate all set-back distances and dimensions (check for conformance with zoning regulations). All set-backs are measured from the property line and NOT from the curb or street center.
4. A requirement for the issuance of a demolition permit is for the applicant to NOTIFY JULIE for a dig number. This will assure that utilities have been properly disconnected..

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